Modern solutions


By applying modern tools, we increase the effectiveness of project management. The solutions we use, provide us with real-time advanced analytics, ensure a full overview of executed processes and efficient flow of information. It allows us to manage time effectively, increase efficiency and optimise business processes. The systems we use facilitate the operation of four key processes, such as: management of services and assets, planning of a company’s resources, project management and supply chain management.

Nowoczesne technologie IFS Stacon

The ERP system for planning the company’s resources. A comprehensive package of flexible software allows us to control processes in real time, manage the integrity of assets and track the progress of tasks being executed.

Nowoczesne technologie Office 365 Stacon

The package of advanced office services by Microsoft. It enables us to communication efficiently with Clients and co-workers. It ensures data safety owing to the mechanisms of privacy control. The service is integrated with the IFS system.

Nowoczesne technologie MS Project Stacon

The application supporting project management, resource management, sometimes project finance, integrated with the IFS system. It makes it easier to plan activities, set up schedules, supervise the execution of projects and draw up reports.

Nowoczesne technologie AUTOCAD Stacon

An innovative tool for creating designs and documentation. The software supports our engineers in design, creation of bills of quantities and cost estimating.

Nowoczesne technologie EDI Stacon

The transfer of business transactional information between IT systems with the use of standard, accepted message formats.

Nowoczesne technologie BI Stacon

The module of business analytics integrated with the ERP system. An efficient solution comprising data key to the management staff.