Designing and construction of pavilions and shopping centres

Designing and construction of pavilions and shopping centres


General construction contractor Stacon offers the construction of a commercial pavilion with functional, industrial, service and multi-branch and other facilities. We have sound technical infrastructure which allows us to implement solutions adjusted to a given investor’s needs and expectations, so that a ready object (a pavilion or a shopping centre) is functional and aesthetic, attracting future clients. The construction of a commercial pavilion or a whole shopping centre in cooperation with Stacon company includes complex services such as: designing a commercial building, construction works and potential finishing works.

We offer both a traditional design of a commercial pavilion and a modern commercial pavilion or a shopping centre, where aesthetics of exterior finish and the use of decorative elements made of fashionable steel, aluminum or wood have a key influence on the object’s external appearance and prestige.

Construction of a commercial pavilion – costs

The cost of constructing a commercial and service pavilion depends on many factors such as: materials used, a given object’s characteristics (all year round or a season pavilion), its surface and the range of works performed inside the investment, e.g. an electrical installation. It is an individual matter, discussed in detail at the designing and cost-planning stage for a commercial pavilion, however, it can be assumed that the construction of a commercial pavilion shall cost minimum several hundred thousand Polish zlotys, while the biggest investments mean a few million Polish zlotys.

A given commercial object built by Stacon (a pavilion or a shopping centre) can play the role of a commercial building with a separate space for particular shops, tills and a separate social-office space. The lattice construction structure can be made of RC concrete pillars resting on foundation slabs. The roof construction is usually made of steel crate girders resting on RC pillars. The supporting roof structure consists of metal sheets with trapezoidal corrugations covered by thermal and anti-humidity insulation. The external walls of the building are made of system layer boards attached to RC pillars as the main building construction. The materials and technology used for the construction of a given commercial pavilion depends on the investor’s budget and preferences. During our many-years practice, we have realised both simple pavilions and well-developed shopping centres built in accordance with international standards.

Please, contact us. We will make you familiar with a full offer of our company in the area of design and construction of commercial pavilions, shopping centres and other commercial objects.