Construction and modernisation of petrol stations

Construction of Fuel Stations

The construction of a petrol station shall be performed by companies having experience and know-how in this area. It is a project requiring the engagement of specialists in the area of fuel tank assembling together with accessories, designing and erecting a canopy, supply electricity and install lighting and constructing driveways, surface and other earthworks. By remembering about it, a general building contractor Stacon offers a comprehensive construction of petrol stations. Having the know-how we have gathered over the years, we know how to perform specific activities, to ensure successful implementation and safety of an investment project and commissioning of a petrol station into operation in as short a period of time as possible. We undertake to build both when the Investor is interested in ready-made designs of petrol stations and individual design of a petrol station in line with the Client’s guidelines.

Stacon offers comprehensive preparation of an investment project that the construction of a petrol station is. By taking advantage of our services you receive a full service quotation, design and construction of a petrol station. We welcome you to contact us to get to know the details of our offer. Up to now we have built from scratch a several dozens of stations commissioned by private entrepreneurs, as well as domestic moguls, such as Lotos or Orlen.

Modernisation of a fuel station

The owners of petrol stations, which were built in 80s and 90s of the previous century, might struggle with falling sales that may result from operating an outdated petrol station. Apart from the construction of new stations from scratch, we also offer the modernisation of petrol stations. In respect of the modernisation of a petrol station, the scope of services can cover the design of a new look of a petrol station, price pylons, drawing up investment cost estimates and finally modernisation works, which significantly improve the visual appeal of a petrol station, as well as its functionality.

The modernisation of a petrol station according to Stacon is

  • modernisation or replacement of fuel tanks and pipelines,
  • replacement of fuel distributors,
  • analysis of measuring and safety systems, the change of systems or their improvement,
  • reconstruction of shops at petrol stations,
  • comprehensive design activities and assembly of sewage systems, electrical systems etc.,
  • support in furnishing a petrol station and a shop at the station

… and several other services, we will gladly present to you when we meet in person.

The modernisation means not only the change of visual appeal of a petrol station, but also adjusting to current laws of the environmental protection, OSH laws or standards imposed by the market of petrol stations. Based on a long-term experience we are able to propose to you a comprehensive scope of services, whose ultimate goal is modernisation of your station.

Forecasting the amount of petrol sales

We specialise in analyses and forecasts of fuel sales that have been carried out by experts connected with the petrochemical industry for many years now. Especially for you we estimate the sales of fuel based on several factors, and owing to that you have the possibility to prepare your station, the number of distributors in a proper manner. Forecasting the amount of petrol sales also allows you to draw up a plan of liquid fuel supplies and logistic activities related to deliveries.

We have operated on the fuel market for 25 years and provided advice to a large number of Clients entering it. As a proven partner on the petrol station market, we have participated in the preparation of numerous industry reports.