Construction consultancy


We render high quality construction consultancy services. We adjust the service to the Investor’s individual needs, and we cooperate with them at all stages of the investment process. It enables us to complete works timely and ensure a satisfying result.

We choose an optimal method for executing an investment project, and take care of all legal and administrative formalities. We estimate the cost of an investment project reliably, analyse documentation critically, and solve engineering issues on the go.


  • cost optimisation,
  • feasibility study,
  • building analyses of structures,
  • verification and issuing an opinion on technical, structural and construction and installation documentation at all stage of its preparation,

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  • consultancy on sustainable construction,
  • consultancy on fire protection,
  • consultancy on acoustics,
  • OHS consultancy.


Servicing construction investment projects at each stage requires varied activities and advanced technical knowledge on modern technologies and materials applied in the construction industry. Hence, as early as on the stage of investment project preparation, we issue our opinion on solutions submitted by the contractor, present potential remarks, and propose an alternative method. The location of a real property is also assessed, the existing buildings and investments scheduled for execution in a nearest area, environmental conditions, topography of the area, development conditions, water and soil conditions and other crucial aspects and feasibility studies for the implementation of a construction project.

Whereas, on the project design stage, we analyse design documentation to verify its compliance with the investor’s executions and assumptions, and determine the economic viability of proposed solutions and functionality of structures or indicate whether fire regulations have been taken into account.


The performance of a construction project is a further stage, where technical supervision over the progress of works, compliance with the design and construction works performed by subcontractors is crucial, and Stacon company having a team of engineers and other industry specialists will advise you what actions must be undertaken to complete the construction on time and according to plan.

Both planning and physical execution of building projects is a process comprising several work stages that engage people with various specialisations. Very often the course of preparatory work and formal and administrative work lasts longer that the construction works themselves, since a well-organised servicing of building projects may shorten the time construction works to minimum.
Therefore, Stacon company, depending on the type of a project, accompanies the Investor from the inception to the acquisition of finance, through planning and design works to implementation, e.g. in the general contracting system until the time the structure is commissioned for use. Each stage of the investment process comprises difficult decisions and complex activities, which under supervision of our qualified staff result in smooth and timely completion of the investment project compliant with the design.

Servicing construction projects offered by Stacon company is aimed at individual clients, commercial investors and public utility entities looking for a contractor, also under public procurement procedures, and may relate to industrial, commercial and general construction works. Importantly, each execution of construction projects is a flexible service adjusted to the Client’s expectations. Only owing to that have we been able to complete several investment project successfully and establish permanent cooperation with a few key building investors, which is proven by the examples of building project implementations available in the bookmark “Implementations”.