Construction consulting services

We provide high-quality construction consulting services. We adapt the service to the individual needs of the investor with whom we cooperate at all stages of the investment process. This allows for the timely completion of works and ensures a satisfactory result.

We choose the optimal method of investment implementation, we take care of all legal and administrative formalities. We reliably estimate investment costs, perform a critical analysis of documentation, and solve engineering problems on an ongoing basis.


  • cost optimization,
  • feasibility study,
  • construction analyzes of facilities,
  • verification and opinion on technical, construction and installation documentation at all stages of its development,
  • consulting in the field of sustainable construction,
  • consultancy in the field of fire protection,
  • consulting in the field of acoustics,
  • health and safety consultancy.


Handling a construction investment at every stage requires various activities and advanced technical knowledge about modern technologies and materials used in construction. Hence, already at the investment preparation stage, we will give an opinion on the solutions presented by the contractor, present any comments and propose an alternative method. The property location, existing buildings and planned investments in the immediate vicinity are also assessed, as well as natural conditions, terrain, building conditions, soil and water conditions and other important aspects of the possibility and profitability of a construction investment.

On the other hand, at the investment design stage, we will perform an analysis of the project documentation, which will verify compliance with the investor’s expectations and assumptions, indicate the profitability of the suggested solutions and functionality of the facilities, and indicate whether fire safety regulations have been taken into account.


The implementation of the construction investment is the next stage in which technical supervision over the progress of works, the quality of materials, compliance with the design and construction works performed by subcontractors is of particular importance, and the Stacon company, having the facilities of engineers and other specialists in the industry, will advise what actions to implement to complete the construction on time and in accordance with the plan.

Both planning and physical implementation of construction investments is a process consisting of many stages of work that involve people with various specializations. Often times, the course of preparatory and formal and administrative works lasts longer than the construction itself, as well-organized service of construction investments can shorten the time of construction works to a minimum.
That is why the Stacon company, depending on the type of project, accompanies the investor from the idea and obtaining financing, through planning and design, to implementation, e.g. in the general contractor’s system, and finally putting the facility into use. Each stage of the investment process involves difficult decisions and complex activities, which, under the supervision of our qualified staff, result in a smooth, timely and consistent with the project completion of the investment.

Construction investment services offered by Stacon are addressed to individual clients, commercial investors and public utility institutions looking for a contractor also by tender and may apply to industrial, commercial and general construction. Importantly, each implementation of construction investments is a flexible service tailored to the client’s expectations. Only thanks to this, we were able to successfully complete many investments and establish permanent cooperation with several key construction investors, which is confirmed by examples of construction investments available in the “Realizations” tab.