We offer design and construction services as a General Contractor.

The “Design and Build” service is currently an increasingly popular method of implementing construction investments. By assumption, it includes two interested companies: the investor and the construction contractor. Contrary to the traditional model of the construction investment “Buduj”, it is the general contractor who is responsible for the design of the building and other activities undertaken until the building is commissioned. The “Design and Build” system brings benefits both for investors (e.g. reducing the risk of errors in documentation, which may generate possible claims and construction delays), and contractors who, thanks to their independence, can offer solutions in which they specialize. The construction company Stacon as a general contractor provides “Design and Build” services as part of development, industrial, commercial and public procurement investments for public institutions.

How does the “Design and Build” system work?


It is a modern investment implementation system. It makes it possible to adjust construction plans to changing conditions and technical possibilities without the obligation to change the contract. It was developed to improve investment performance for the benefit of the investor and contractor while minimizing costs.

The Design and Build system transfers most of the activities to the contractor, ie the contractor is responsible for the detailed design, building permit and execution of construction and assembly works. On the one hand, it is a huge responsibility and, on the other, a chance to use the most convenient, proven design and assembly solutions, depending on what tools, machines and human resources the contracting company has at its disposal. On the other hand, the investor / ordering party is responsible for the preparation of the contract and the tender / order for construction works, which should define the purpose and functionality of the investment, as well as the technical, economic, material and architectural requirements.

As a result, the general construction contractor, when undertaking construction works, will perform them in accordance with the investor’s vision, maintaining great freedom of action and space for optimization of construction costs.

What are the benefits of the “Design and Build” system?


The “Design & Build” investment implementation system is a way to shorten the construction time through a smooth transition to the next stages of construction, improve investment implementation by reducing the number of contractors, a way to improve the efficiency and logistics of human resources and tools management, optimization of construction costs. Additional benefits for the investor include saving time and money due to the search and involvement of one company as a general contractor, avoiding inaccuracies on the designer-contractor front, and transferring time-consuming administrative matters and preparation of documentation to the contractor projektowej.

What is the “Design & Build” service at Stacon?


Bearing in mind the high expectations of our customers, we focus on “Design and Build” services. Thanks to the control over cooperation between the architect and a team of construction engineers, we are able to propose the most optimal variants of technical solutions, taking into account the costs of each of them. The next stages of the “Design and Build” model that we perform:

  • we provide design documentation, including: construction and detailed design,
  • we carry out comprehensive construction works,
  • we take care of all formal and legal issues.

We are responsible for investments from the moment of its design to the moment it is put into use. We coordinate the progress of work at every stage of the investment implementation and we make sure that the workmanship reflects the project and meets the client’s expectations. We guarantee the smooth course of the entire investment process, the Investor’s satisfaction and the facility that meets his expectations.

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